Sultry Sorceress Plus Costume

This sorceress outfit is perfect for a buxom enchantress looking to weave her dark spell over any who behold her. Make everyone at your next party or event helpless in the thrall of your dark, seductive charm. The velour dress begs to be touched, and conceals while it reveals with cleverly placed slits in all the right places. No one will know what you have up your sleeves, or for that matter, hidden anywhere in the dark and tempting folds of your magic gown. Despite the length of the gown, expect admirers to get a good look at your legs as they are subtly glimpsed while you move, as this costume is designed to let you dance and enjoy yourself. Of course, a true sorceress knows she'll need room to do more than dance, the last thing one needs during a complex ritual is a snag. The Sultry Sorceress plus costume fits a size 16W to 24W more

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