Wonder Woman Costume

Wonder Woman Corset Adult Costume
Wonder Woman Corset Adult Costume
Wonder Woman Corset Adult Costume

How many teenage boys had a crush on Lynda Carter in that classic 1970s TV series, Wonder Woman? (And how many adult men too, for that matter?

As Princess Diana, aka Diana Prince, Lynda Carter (Wonder Woman) opened the door for female superheroes, with her famous spin transition – no phone booths for her, unlike Superman!

Armed with a magic belt that gave her tremendous strength, a tiara that she could throw as a returning weapon like a fashionable boomerang, bracelets that could stop any bullet, and an unbreakable magic lasso that forced anyone to tell the truth, not to mention inimitable beauty, Wonder Woman was impossible not to like.

And if males had a crush on her, an equal number of young girls wanted to be her.

As many of these girls found out the hard way, no amount of spinning around in circles was ever going to transform them into Wonder Woman – but it wasn’t for a lack of trying.

The best they can do is to dress up like her, in an authentic Wonder Woman costume, from the Wonder Woman TV show, or maybe from a Wonder Woman cartoon such as Justice League.

In the selection below, you’ll find a few Wonder Woman Halloween costume choices for adults, teens, and girls – and so that your pets don’t feel left out, you’ll even find a Wonder Woman dog costume too.

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